skinscript's Journal

Skinscript has been writing in fandoms since her first foray into fanfiction ... a Miami Vice satire. *hides head at how long ago that was*.

She actually jumped into writing once Alec (Dark Angel) graced her screen, and is the proud 'author' of more than 140 fics across multiple fandoms, including Dark Angel, Supernatural, Dawson's Creek (sigh), Highlander, Battlestar Galactica (GINO), Stargate: Atlantis, Arrow, Marvel, and Queer as Folk.

Under her other fake name she's been translated into five languages other than English and has an actual fanbase comprised of lots of folks who say nice things and one persistent cheerleader / stalker who she loves unreservedly.

Is also married, has a child, and is owned by her house.

It is worth noting that she only talks about herself in the third person when writing bios. Well, her own. Specifically. She promises.