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Fic: Convergence [SGA] (PG)

Title: Convergence
Author: skinscript
Rating: G
Genre: General
Spoilers: Ghost in the Machine (5.05)
Warnings: Well, my brain seems to have taken a side trip into the surreal. Anything else is spoilery
Wordcount: ~150
Disclaimer: Seriously?
Posted at: sga_episodefic
Summary: This is so short that literally anything I write would be a spoiler. It includes Elizabeth and femslash, sort of.

She lost consciousness, still focused on broadcasting her signal with all the fading strength she could muster.

Elizabeth blinked her eyes open sluggishly, still blind. Her body still felt cold, an ice that stabbed into every molecule of her being. Her fingers responded reluctantly to her order to move, and she fancied she could hear the metal creak as they finally obeyed. She closed her eyes and waited.

There was noise all around her, sound that flatly refused to come into focus. She concentrated harder, forcing energy through frozen pathways, thawing them by sheer force of will. As sensation came back so did memory, and the sounds resolved into voices. The others, communications beginning to flow between them once more.

"Come on," a whiskey-rough voice said softly near her ear. "Time to wake up." Warm, familiar soft lips closed over hers, licking at the frost and warming her more surely than any heated blanket.

Elizabeth opened her eyes, this time to sight. She smiled into the hazel eyes grinning back down at her. She reached one heavy hand to curl around one leather-clad shoulder, tugging that hot mouth back into another drugging kiss. "Larrin," she purred, licking her lips. "You're late."

She tasted like victory.


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Sep. 18th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)

Ok so you know I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea. I would adore it if this was the way it really happened.

I totally didn't want Elizabeth to go out like that, nor was I so sure as they seemed to be that they'd "ended the problem" with the on screen solution. So this totally works. Go ELIZABETH! I love her. ;)

As always, I like the description, the second two paragraphs are awesome (and I am maybe colder now than I was two minutes ago *glares*)

Involving Larrin was a shock! *Laughs* An awesome one though. I love this fic because it's so nuts in so many ways, but weirdly IT SO COULD HAPPEN. I think it *should* happen, but that's just me. This is an ending - or rather, a beginning - worthy of Elizabeth.

I also love the last line muchly. Which you already know, but it's worth repeating, because I really do like the feeling it leaves. Ominous, hopeful.. KICKASS!

I think if you wrote many sequels to this, it would be a great, great thing. So much possibility! So many stories you could tell! As this review is probably longer than your story, I guess that is not going to happen though.

Still. It's fun for me to imagine all the things that happen after it ends, and if you ever feel like writing down your version you know I wouldn't object.

Thanks Skinf. :)
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