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30 Days of Horror Meme: Several days

... Because I really really suck at consistently posting stuff!

Rosemary's Baby. You know, I'd heard over and over all about how great this movie would be... and really? Not so much! Runner up: Friday the 13th.

The Thing, no question! By which I mean the original remake, not the remade remake. :)

I am torn on this between 'From Dusk til Dawn' and 'Blade: Trinity'. But I think... I lean to FDTD.

'Dead Alive' - I'm one of about four people I've ever met who've seen this one. Also, 'Feed' - I'm pretty sure only the really die-hard Alex OLoughlin fans have seen that one, too!

I would have to say, Akira.

Hmmmm. caroline_claire reminded me the other day of The Fog, which was pretty freaking awesome, and I still love Creepshow and Amityville Horror... but I think I'd have to pick Phantasm. Just cause.

I don't really know! It's a lot more common that there be a movie that everyone else hates but I love than it is the other way around! Hostel, maybe?

DUDES! Shaun of the Dead, hands down.
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