skinscript (skinscript) wrote,

Falling Skies

The show's basic premise: Yeah, so aliens have invaded, and kicked humanity's collective ass. What now?

There are so many things I love about this show.

How wonderful is Noah Wyle as Tom? He's a loving father and a ruthless soldier, and he's playing it so freaking believably. He breaks my heart as a dad and he has me going 'hell yeah' as a badass.

Moon Bloodgood! My second favourite thing about Terminator: Salvation, and she's playing another strong female character, who's pretty kick ass all on her own. Doctor Anne Glass - working it out despite everything.

Drew Roy, as Tom's eldest son Hal - So believable as a genuinely good kid for whom family is everything. I'm so glad they went with Tom's parenting meaning good results instead of taking the rebellious teen path, because this is SO much better.

It's great to see Dale Dye, too... A genuine military historian (and actor) playing a hopelessly outmatched military leader who's absolutely determined to win anyway. Go Dale!
Tags: tv
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