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Quote of the Day

9 year old Mini!Inf, upon my asking "what are you *looking* at??"

"I find myself fascinated with lesbians."

See, this is why being a parent is at once awesome, hilarious, and frustrating. I want her to be accepting of people as they are regardless of sexuality (or lack), and I want her to be educated on the biology of sex in all its forms, but DUDE! 9 is too darned young to be watching internet porn.

I blinked at her a couple of times and finally went with:
"I have no issue with your interest in lesbianism. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. However, it is totally inappropriate for you to be looking at videos or photos of people making out with each other online."

She looks at me thoughtfully for a moment, then nods and says "Can I look at videos of conjoined twins, then?"

Me: "Are they kissing each other or anyone else in a sexual manner?"

Her: *pause* "No."

Me: "Then OK."

Sometimes it is so weird to be a mom.
Tags: mini!inf, personal
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