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Gallstones are Galling

For about six months, I've had recurring minor pain behind my right ribs. As it happens, I have other pains too (I'm getting older, after all) but these were nagging enough that I went to my doc, got various (inconclusive) tests done, and got hooked up with a surgeon, Just In Case.

Well - Sunday night, I had what is most likely a gallstone attack.

Now, I find the whole phrasing of that kind of hilarious. I picture a tiny stone with a little sword and a shield, facing down the menacing tunnel with a determined sneer, all "Spartaaaaaa".

But I can tell you, that little bastard *hurts*. Like this is quite likely a heart attack hurts. Like, holy hell, what the FUCK, ok, you can stop now son of a BITCH hurts. Paramedic Mr.Inf did an assessment and off to the hospital we went, Mini!Inf in tow, and ... well. I wish we had gone the second night cause the first night I got a doc who was in 'ship 'em out' mode. He sent me home with "Avoid meat" and Percocet, and forgot to order my followup tests.

Mr.Inf convinced one of the daytime docs to bring me back in (likely worried about that missing order) and got the tests done, and the evening doc who I saw was wonderful. He paid attention, took me seriously, did a set of cardiac tests to be sure that it wasn't my heart, and then... *gasp* followed up with me from home to make sure I was ok and that I got all my results.

So - looks like surgery coming for me. Which sucks, cause I kind of hate the concept. But I hate the idea of being bowed backwards on the floor, trying not to cry in pain, more.

Wish me luck!



Jun. 4th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
Dunno how well it worked (I also took a perc cause I was getting worse fast), but the flax tea doesn't taste bad.

The texture, on the other hand, is pretty horrible. *laughs*

Thanks again for the 'recipe'!
Jun. 4th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
It can't hurt, at least. And yeah, the texture is... interesting. I drank it all day every day for a couple of weeks when my gallbladder was aching up a storm, I think my sanity depended on it for a while there. *was not in a good state of mind after a month of constant gall-ache and no help from the doctors*

I hope it helps a little, if nothing else. *hugs*

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