skinscript (skinscript) wrote,

Fic: [H5O] Surety - Part 2 of ? [T]

Title: Surety
Author: skinscript
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O, Three Rivers
Rating: General
Warning: Violence, kidnapping, WiP
Spoilers (H5O): Season 1 up to 1.18
Spoilers (Three Rivers): Season 1
Wordcount: 1800 (part 2)
Wordcount (total): tbd

Summary: When they get a video showing Steve McGarrett being kidnapped out of the Hilton Hawaiian, the team is understandably taken aback.

A/N: This is a Three Rivers/H5O crossover. As noted, it's a WiP.

Part I

Everything that Steve McGarrett knew about how to calm, how to soothe, and how to charm, he learned from his cousin Andy. Everything Andy knew about how to pass rush and avoid a tackle, he'd learned from Steve.

To this day, Steve was pretty sure he'd come out ahead on the deal. Even if, for the most part, he didn't use it.

He tore his eyes from the screen to see his team staring at him in astonishment. "When was this taken?" he demanded, snapping them out of it.

"I'll call you right back, Governor," Kono said and clicked off her phone without waiting for a response. She crossed to him in two long strides, grabbing his arm tightly. "You gave us a scare, boss."

Chin closed his eyes, colour slowly coming back into his face. "You sure did."

Danny crossed his arms tightly, rocking back on his heels. "Yeah, can we get an explanation, please?"

Steve looked at them all like they'd lost their minds. "Can we focus here?" He pocketed his phone, shaking gently loose from Kono's hand. "When is the video from?"

"The timestamp is ten-fifteen this morning," Chin answered.

Danny talked right overtop him, "no, actually, we can't focus, because we thought you were kidnapped, and yet, here you are most decidedly not taken by dastardly criminals, and you know, hey! Maybe it would make sense to start with that."

Steve ignored him. He brought the video back up on the table, rapidly zooming in and out on various parts of the image to try and gain some useful information. Danny's jaw tightened, but he settled on glaring instead of shouting.

Kono came to stand at his shoulder. "These guys are good, faking this footage," she said.

"It's not fake," Chin contradicted.

"No, it's not." Steve straightened abruptly, trying to get a handle on the fear and anger swirling through him. "That's Andy."

"What, what? You have a twin brother, now?" Danny waved his hand furiously before jamming it back under his arm like he was trying to keep it captive. "I would have thought that topic would have come up."

"He's my cousin, Danny." Steve scrubbed a hand through his hair. "He's a transplant surgeon. I had no idea he was going to be here." He felt the rage rising in his chest and fought it back down.

"Andy... Andy Yablonsky? Are you talking about Andy Yablonsky?" Chin sounded a little awed.

"Yes! Andy!" Steve shoved his hand into his pocket before it could settle on the butt of his sidearm.

"That explains why he used the initial A," Kono mused.

Danny was staring at Chin in astonishment. "Wait, Chin, you know this guy?"

"He's the best transplant surgeon in the world," Chin said bluntly.

"Jesus," Danny shook his head. "Does anyone in your family understand the concept of 'underachievment'?"

"He's not the best in the world," Steve retorted absently. "Top five, max."

"Oh," Danny said faintly, "That's totally different then." He rolled his eyes.

"The point is, these people took him thinking he was me," Steve said. "He's smart, he's playing along, that's good... but at some point, they're going to be looking for information he can't give them."

"We need to find him first," Chin said, eyes grave.

The landline rang, and Kono picked up. "Five-O," she said crisply.

"By now, you should have recieved two files proving that we have in our possession Commander McGarrett."

"Yeah, we got your files, you pieces..."

Steve was on Danny in an instant, hand clamped over his mouth to cut him off. Danny's eyes narrowed dangerously but he nodded. "…of shit," Steve finished for him. "This is Detective Danny Williams," he continued in a flawless Jersey accent that had the whole team staring at him. "You planning on giving us your demands now, I take it?"

"You have it right." Kono was jotting notes as the kidnapper spoke: male, european accent, deep pitch. "As it happens, our demands are simple, as we are in the end simple folk." Steve leaned over and added, Irish. Kono nodded. Chin pulled up a window at his end of the table and started a database search of known terrorists.

"You'd have to be simple to take Steve McGarrett," Danny chimed in, pitching his voice to something closer to Steve's.

"A simpler decision than you might think, Williams." There was a peal of thunder over the phone. Instantly, Kono noted the time. "We have but one demand: We require the release of Victor Hesse."

Steve's gut clenched like he'd been punched. "Hesse?" He managed to choke out.

The voice on the phone oozed satisfaction. "Yes. Before you ask, here is a current proof of life." The voice became distant, as if the speaker moved away from the mouthpiece. "Speak."

"Woof," came a calm reply. The sarcasm was met with a meaty, wet thud and the sound of retching. "OK, ow."

"McGarrett," Steve managed to get out between gritted teeth. "That you?"

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, it's me. Tell... if you get in touch with my family, tell them I'm ok. Tell them not to do anything stupid." Christ. He could hear the smile in Andy's voice, and he wanted to throttle him. Or, maybe, cry.

"Given your genetics, that might be too much to ask," Danny jumped in when the silence went on too long. Andy huffed a laugh that sounded as though it hurt. Then he yelped, the sound turning to a groan as the phone was apparently wrenched away.

"He's reasonably healthy at the moment," the kidnapper came back on the line. "That will change if you don't provide Hesse as we... request. You have six hours to secure his release. At eighteen hundred I will call back to give you delivery co-ordinates. If you deliver Victor, you will get McGarrett back alive." The voice turned silky. "If you do not, well... I'm sure you can connect the dots."

"If we deliver Victor, we get McGarrett back alive.., and unharmed," Steve demanded.

"I said 'alive', Williams. 'Unharmed', now... that's just not going to happen."

"If you hurt him, I swear to God..." His accent was slipping, and Kono placed her hand on his arm for support.

"They've hung up," she said softly.

Steve closed his eyes and wished fervently for something to punch.


"Nice accent, brah," Chin said. His matter of fact tone was steadying, giving Steve the calm he needed to open his eyes without completely losing it. "Not enough time for a trace."

"Ok. Ok." Steve lifted his chin and crossed his arms. "Now we know what they're after."

"Hesse," Danny shook his head. "We can't give them Hesse."

"I know that."

"Do you? Do you? 'Cause I really don't think you do know that." Danny rocked back on his heels. "I think that what you have in mind is to get Hesse, take him to the drop off, and then catch them during the exchange. I think that is what you, my friend, have in mind."

"No," Steve said flatly.

"No?" Danny started to grin, the one that said Steve was fucking with him. "Seriously, what? No? That's all you have to say?"

"No, I'm not going to get Hesse, no, I'm not taking him to the drop point, and no, we're not going to catch them during the exchange. So, yeah. That's what I'm going with. No."

"All right. It's no, then."

"Yeah. All right. It's no." Steve turned to Chin. "Chin, get HPD on tracing the emails and backtracking whatever they can get on the cell call."

"Sang Min," Danny said.

"Good thinking, Danny. Check out what HPD has on their seach for him. Drop by the wife and see if she has any insights on where he might be. Kono and I will head over to the Hilton Hawaiian to check out Andy's room and to talk to security about getting angles on the doors and lobby that might give us a better look at who took him." Steve glanced at each of them in turn. "This is my family, guys."

"We hear you," Chin said, picking up the phone to call HPD. Danny clapped him on the back on his way to his office.

"I'll call the Governor back," he offered. "She'll want to talk to you, though."

"Thanks." Steve nodded at Kono and they headed out.

She waited until they were in the truck before talking. "Uh, Boss? I believe you," she said, "but why is it no? Six hours is enough time to get Hesse out and make it to pretty much where-ever, and work out an ambush."

"Two reasons," Steve told her. "First, it's not a secret that's how we got Hesse, and it's how we got those kidnapped kids back. They'll be expecting us to pull something at the drop off."

Kono nodded. "What's the second one?"

"These guys want to hurt me, badly." Steve said. "Andy doesn't have that kind of time."

"So, we're going to find them before that." He could hear the resolve in her voice.

"Yeah," he said. "Yeah, we are."

"So what's the plan?"

He shot her a small smile. "We'll go check out Andy's room. I'm pretty sure that the grab was opportunistic. I didn't have any plans to be at the hotel, and if they knew they were getting Andy the message would have been a lot different." He realised that his jaw was clenched and consciously relaxed it. "We'll see whether the hotel surveillance cameras picked up anything useful from any other angles."

Kono nodded. "I'm pretty sure they have cameras covering the parking lot," she said.

"In the meantime, hopefully Chin and Danny can get something on Sang Min."

Steve pulled the truck into the parking garage, picking a spot in the middle tier. He got out, then immediately swung up into the truck bed, unlocking the safe box in the back. He pulled out a wildly colourful Hawaiian shirt, opaque sunscreen and a baseball cap.

"It wouldn't make much sense to show up looking like me," he muttered when he saw Kono's smile. "We know they had to have seen Andy here. Don't want them to know they might have the wrong person."

He sighed and reached in one more time, pulling out a wig of curly blond hair that Mary had used when she'd dressed up as Marilyn Monroe on Hallowe'en. He hadn't really expected to be using it, but he hadn't had the heart to get rid of it either. Kono's smirk turned into a full out grin when he tugged it on.

"That's a great look for you, boss," she said, sounding strangled.

Steve took a bottle of water and poured it over the wig, flattening the hair with his hands before yanking on the ballcap overtop. Already his head was sweltering. He yanked off his overshirt and pulled on the tourist shirt instead. A quick dab of the zinc oxide on his nose and a pair of sunglasses later, he jumped down and spread his hands, turning in a circle for Kono's laughing inspection. "Well?"

"It'd fool me," she admitted, holding up her phone to get a picture. "I just..." She laughed again. "I can't even imagine what Danny would be saying right now."

Steve grinned back. "I'm sure it would be eloquent." He thought for a second, then added, "and loud."

A final step of tucking his badge into his pocket and his gun into the small of his back, and they headed in.

"How do we get into Andy's room?" Kono asked out of the corner of her mouth as they entered the lobby.

"You'll see. Hi!" Steve leaned against the counter, slipping his sunglasses off and perching them on the visor of his cap. The concierge smiled back at him.

"What can I do for you, sir?" she asked with an extra lilt in her voice.

Steve hung his head bashfully. "I've lost my keycard," he admitted. "I need a new one. Andy Yablonski."

"Of course." The woman, Lillia, he noted from her nametag, stepped over to the hotel computer. "I just need some ID."

Steve patted his pockets, then froze in dismay. "Oh no," he said. "My wallet's in my room." He looked around, then grinned and picked up one of the programmes on the counter. "This is for the conference!"

"Yes," Lillia agreed readily, though her smile had slipped at his lack of identification.

"Well, then we have our solution," Steve told her, opening the programme and flipping through the pages to the keynote. "Here I am." He held it up beside his face, pointing to the half-page picture of Andy standing with one of his patients. "See?"

Lillia laughed in delight. "That will work, Doctor Yablonski." She rapidly typed some commands on the keyboard and swiped a keycard for him.

"Andy, please." Steve took the card from her with a smile, then tilted his head in consternation. "Can you also remind me my room number?" When she looked at him askance, he explained, "I live in a hotel at home and I can only ever think of the room number there when I travel."

"Twenty-five ten," she told him, mollified.

"Thank you, Lilla." He took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I really appreciate your help."

"Any time," she patted his hand in return, "... Andy."

"Oh my God," Kono muttered as they walked away. "Please don't ever decide to use your powers for evil."

"What?" Steve said innocently as he put his sunglasses back on. "You mean, again?"

Naturally, Andy had a suite.

Tags: c: h50 fic, c: three rivers fic, f: surety, wip
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