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Movie: Feed

I came across this movie, largely because of Alex O'Loughlin and wondering why so many folks were talking about Steve McGarrett having a tattoo on his lower back, and I didn't see one on the show. So, a quick search mentioned that you could see the (real life) tattoo in the movie "Feed", which in addition to starring Alex also was co-produced and co-story idea by him.

For anyone who wants to see the tattoo - let me know and I'll pass on some caps.

Anyhow - This? Is a messed up movie. The good news is that it's on purpose - the bad news, that the messed up is pretty gross overall. The main 'good' character is Philip, a cop in Sydney who's burnt out, having spent the last several months on an international case involving a fellow who would find people who wanted to be eaten, and would accede to their wishes. This cop isn't particularly likeable (read: Not, really) at the best of times. He starts looking for his next case and begins to research a website featuring women who are "gainers". He senses there's something dodgy going on behind the site, and becomes obsessed with chasing the man who is acting as the "feeder" to these women - Michael (Alex). Michael is lovely - really almost effeminitely pretty (in his clothes), very cleanly put together with angelic blonde curls and a ready smile, and a ruthless, brilliant mind. It quickly becomes a cat and mouse as Philip chases his obsession to Ohio.

They're both well done as complicated characters with lots of parallels. I liked the twists in the story, but it would have been better if they'd managed to make Philip more likable. As it was, I wasn't cheering for either of them. I was, if anything, leaning towards Michael - which all things considered, is kind of disturbing.

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