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Fic: [H5O] Surety - Part 1 of ? [T]

Title: Surety
Author: skinscript
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O, Three Rivers
Rating: General
Warning: Violence, kidnapping, WiP
Spoilers (H5O): Season 1 up to 1.18
Spoilers (Three Rivers): Season 1
Wordcount: 1200 (part 1)

Summary: When they get a video showing Steve McGarrett being kidnapped out of the Hilton Hawaiian, the team is understandably taken aback.

A/N: This is a Three Rivers/H5O crossover. As noted, it's a WiP.

"Hey, Danny?" Kono called tentatively from her office.

"Yeah." Danny twisted a little, trying to roll the little metal pellet through the wooden maze without dropping it through any holes. This game was a lot harder than it looked.

"Uh... do you know of any reason that Steve would be over at the Hilton Hawaiian Village?" She came out of her office, poking at the computer table.

"No." Danny frowned and stood.

"Ok, then, that's weird." Kono flicked the table and brought up a video on one of the upright monitors. "Cause this just came in to my email about thirty seconds ago."

Chin came to stand beside her, staring at the screen in concern.

It was the lobby of the Hilton Hawaiian, the logo clearly identifiable behind the main desk, and a man who was unmistakably Steve McGarrett was turning away from the concierge, heading across the lobby towards the large doors. He suddenly stopped, turning his head as if he'd been called. He looked startled, maybe even confused.

"Look out..." Chin said, as if Steve could hear him.

Danny blinked as three men strode onto the screen, approaching Steve from behind. One of the men slapped a hand against the back of Steve's neck, sliding an arm over his shoulders in the same movement. Steve jerked, and the man coolly lifted Steve's arm to support him as his knees buckled.

"Holy shit," Kono breathed. Danny couldn't help but agree as the three men hustled Steve the rest of the way out of the doors. A woman in a dark dress hurried after them, throwing a look over her shoulder to check for pursuit.

Chin's knuckles were white against the edge of the table. "That's just not possible," he said.

"That was slick," Danny shook his head. "That was fucking incredible, it was so slick." He motioned, but Kono was already sliding the progress bar back to the start to watch it again.

Chin nodded, eyes still riveted to the screen where Steve was walking nonchalantly out of the elevator. "I'll see if I can't trace the email," he said. His fingers started moving over the table as if of their own volition.

Danny pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache rising with unprecedented speed. "Who the hell grabs Steve McGarrett?" he demanded. "Cause, you know, seriously, I have to think they are missing some critical brain cells that are necessary to survival." He stabbed at the phone with one vicious thumb. "Do they not realise how idiotic, how utterly moronic it is to drug and kidnap Steve McGarrett? We're talking Darwin Award levels of stupid, here. I mean, even if you get him, eventually he's going to wake up."

"Guys!" Chin's fingers flew across the display. "We just got an audio."

They all looked up at the monitor, watching the equalizer as Steve's strained voice started to play.

"My name is Steven A. McGarrett." He coughed, and Danny felt his hand curl into a fist at the wet sound. When the voice continued, it sounded stronger, falling into a calm rhythm. He sounded as though he was reading off of a prepared speech. "I am currently being held against my will. I am to tell you that while I am currently unharmed, that state of affairs will not continue unless certain demands are met." Another cough was followed by a crinkle of paper. "Demands will follow shortly." There was a deep breath, as though he was about to say something else, but the recording clicked and ended.

Kono sank against the table as though her legs wouldn't hold her any more.

"Ok." Chin took a deep breath of his own, steadying himself. "We need to work this from the beginning. Why would Steve be at the hotel? What's there?"

"We don't have any cases there," Kono replied instantly. "The only event there this week is a medical conference. The hotel's crawling with docs and pharmaceutical reps."

"A medical conference?" Chin froze. "Could he be meeting a doctor?" He pinned Danny with a glare. "Is he sick?"

"Come on," Danny spread his hands. "Have you met the man? Of course he's sick! He's insane! Maybe it's a psychiatric symposium! God and all the little angels know Steve's crazy enough to rate a conference dedicated to nothing other than his relentless need to kill himself and everyone around him! Maybe that's why the kidnappers were there, since they seem to share his death wish."

"It's not that kind of conference," Kono interjected. "It's surgeons."

They all went quiet as they digested what that could mean.

Danny scrubbed his hands over his face. "Ok, conjecture won't get us anywhere. Run the video again."

They watched the snatch again. "Does this look right to you?" Chin asked suddenly, pointing.

"What? What do you see? Cause I see a really well done grab and run," Danny squinted.

"He's wearing dress slacks." Kono sounded disbelieving. She froze the video, highlighted Steve's chest, and zoomed in on the shirt pocket. "And he's carrying a tie."

"Was there some undercover thing he was working on?" Chin mused. Danny was shaking his head.

"How about something for Naval Intelligence?" Kono suggested. The blank looks on Chin and Danny's faces answered her. "I'll... call Catherine." She lifted her phone.

Still frowning, Chin hit the audio again. "This is Steven A. McGarrett..." He stopped it.

"What?" Danny demanded.

"There's a message here," Chin said. "His name's Steven J McGarrett, not A."

Kono hung up. "Steve wasn't doing anything for the Navy." She dialled again. "I'll call the Governor."

"Maybe they left his cell phone on," Chin said. "Maybe if it's still with him, we could track it."

Danny was already dialling.

"Hello, Governor," Kono said. In the hallway, a cell started to shrill. "I am sorry to interrupt you..."

Chin hit play on the video, scrutinizing it from inches away as the trace throbbed in a corner of the screen. "Damn," he muttered as the move to drug Steve played again. Danny nodded.

The cell in the hall fell silent.

"Oh. Oh, no. No no no no no." The whisper at the door had all three of them spinning, reaching for their weapons. Steve stood white-faced in the doorway, looking at the monitor with horror. His phone was in his hand, thumb still pressing the 'ignore' key. He closed his eyes as if he couldn't bear to look any longer. "Andy."


"…follow shortly." Andy took a deep breath, wondering what he could add to provide any kind of clue to the people who were going to be getting the recording. Before he had a chance to come up with anything, let alone say it, his kidnapper clicked off the digital recorder.

"You're being very co-operative," the kidnapper told him, all pale skin and even paler cold eyes. "Not at all what I expected from the stories." Dark hair fell over a high forehead, and Andy didn't have to be an expert to know that the fact that his captor was making no effort to hide his face didn't bode well.

All his usual skill at handling ('Yeah, that would be 'manipulating', cuz', said the voice in his head that sounded a lot like Steve) people deserted him, and he simply glared up at the man standing over him. The man's eyes narrowed, and he rabbit punched Andy in the side, stealing his breath.

"You're an asshole," he managed to choke out around the white-hot pain in his side.

"That," the man said, "is more like it."


Part II

Tags: c: h50 fic, c: three rivers fic, f: surety, wip
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