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After rewatching "Rome", I have rediscovered my love of watching James Purefoy work. He's always the best thing about whatever he's in.

So I went and found some other shows and movies I hadn't seen, and I'm here to recommend "Bedrooms and Hallways", also starring Kevin McKidd. I've seen Kevin in several other things, not least "Rome", but I've never seen him play any other role like this one. I haven't had a chance to finish watching yet (I have to keep stopping so that I don't wake anyone with my laughing), and there is every chance that the movie ends in tears and a journey, but it's been a lot of fun so far.

I mean, it contains half-naked cavorting around a campfire! It has *man-groups* and Inuit rooms and Kevin McKidd's descriptions of James Purefoy turning people gay! It has Hugo Weaving sexxing men in peoples' for-sale houses (Nekkid pool sex with inflatable pink rafts for flotation!) (After all, what else is an estate agent to do??) I'm half way through and it's mind-bendingly funny, and I have the sinking suspicion that it will be heartwarming too.
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