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Fic WIP [Vampire Diaries]: Untitled (Unrated) [2/?]

Title: Untitled - pending
Author: skinscript
Rating: unrated (pg so far)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Warnings: None yet, possible spoilers for anything that's aired
Wordcount: 1000
Posted to: Just here, til it's done.
Pairings: Stefan/Elena so far - dunno yet past that. Overall this is Gen/Humour, not shipping
Summary: Damon makes good on his threat to go on the Amazing Race, and drags Stefan, Elena, and Alaric with him.

Part One - Altanta

"Hey," Alaric said about five minutes after they'd entered the car. "Where's our camera crew?"

Damon pointed at the dashboard. "In-dash camera," he replied with his typical succinctness.

"Really?" Alaric leaned close to see, then realised he was probably giving the production crew a closeup of the inside of nose and hastily withdrew.

"We'll pick up the humans again at the airport," Damon continued easily.

Alaric shifted in his seat. "Should… I suppose we need to be careful what we say," he hurriedly changed what he was about to say.

"Why?" Damon downshifted smoothly to take the offramp for the airport. "I'm an open book." He looked directly into the camera, grinning toothily. "He's worried I'm going to say something ridiculous, like that he can't die or that I'm a daywalking vampire or something." He laughed, ignoring Alaric's choked protest and horrified expression. "Well," he leaned towards the camera conspiratorially, "that part's true. Ah! Parking."

Alaric finally managed to catch his breath, gave the camera a wry look of his own. "Doesn't believe in hiding the crazy, does he?" he muttered.

"Ha! Why hide? I want to share with the whole world!" Damon pulled the parking break and opened his car door. "That's why we're here."

Alaric rubbed his already aching forehead. "That," he said, "is what I am afraid of."

They were the fourth team to the airport. Alaric watched another team sprint past them with a grin. "How long do you think it'll take them to realise that it's a bad idea to run in American airports these days?" He asked.

"About that long." Damon grinned as the team was stopped by a pair of very serious-looking men in airport security uniforms. They joined the line.

"It's the Pretty Boys!" One of the other teams said loudly, gesturing at them.

Alaric groaned. Damon grinned. "Well," he said to the other racer. "I am awfully handsome." He tilted his head at Alaric. "But Rick here? Really?" He made a show of looking him up and down. "You know, I hadn't noticed, but you're pretty hot."

"Oh, please," Elena interjected, sliding past Alaric to step ahead of Damon in line. "You've totally noticed." Stefan followed her, edging past Damon's knowing smirk with a put-upon expression.

"Didn't you just butt in line?" The racers ahead demanded.

"That's all right." Damon waved one languid hand, staring down at Elena's smug face. "This is just the order we get on the plane." He leaned forward and bared his teeth at her. "I'll win when we get there. I'm just biding my time."

"Thanks, Damon," Stefan slid adroitly between them, turning Elena into the curve of his arm. "I appreciate your confidence, but, well. You're going to get your ass kicked."

Damon snorted.

Alaric watched them bicker, frowning. He still didn't really know what Damon was after with this trip, nor did he have a feeling for why Stefan was humouring him. For that matter, he wasn't sure why he had decided to come along.

For the moment, he decided as Elena and Stefan stepped up to the counter to get their tickets, it would be best to stay quiet and watch.


The other teams introduced themselves in the departure lounge at the gate. Stefan applied himself to remembering names and backgrounds, committing skills and impressions to memory with the ease of long practice. He saw Damon socialising comfortably while scanning the group with that eagle look he had, choosing which of their opponents would be threats and which would not. He could already tell that Damon had dismissed the entire group as unlikely to challenge them, but he disagreed. Factors like luck and will couldn't be discounted here. Then again, Damon probably figured he could just compell anyone who got too far ahead.

It wasn't a bad plan, as plans go.

Alaric stood to one side, leaning against a pillar and smiling slightly as he watched the proceedings. His eyes were sharp as they raked across the rowdy group, and Stefan nodded to himself. Alaric would be a tough competitor. He had to admit, Damon had chosen pretty well for a partner.

And when the hell had he started to think of this as a real game?

Elena laughed at something, drawing his attention. He smiled at her, then caught Damon's eyes from where he was grinning at her as well. As their gazes locked, Stefan's smile faded. Damon's sharpened into something close to a threat.

Stefan looked away, and in doing so glanced again at Alaric.. He was watching Damon with a half-smile on his face, like he was figuring something out.

Elena laughed again, and Stefan shook loose his mood. He bent over to check their bags as their flight was called.

It was time to let it go. For now, Elena was happy and Damon's plan (whatever it was) was still a long way from fruition. For now, he would let it be a game and would take the opportunity to relax a bit.

For now.

Tags: amazing race fic, c: vampdi fic, untitled, wip
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