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Fic WIP [Vampire Diaries]: Untitled (Unrated) [1/?]

Title: Untitled - pending
Author: skinscript
Rating: unrated (pg so far)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Warnings: None yet, possible spoilers for anything that's aired
Wordcount: 1000
Posted to: Just here, til it's done.
Pairings: Stefan/Elena so far - dunno yet past that. Overall this is Gen/Humour, not shipping

"Welcome everyone. In just a few minutes, you'll be starting the adventure of your lives."

"Obviously Phil's never lived in Mystic Falls," Damon muttered. Alaric elbowed him, and Stefan unbent enough to shoot him a death glare from his position on Alaric's other side.

"You somehow managed to talk me into this," he hissed furiously. "the least you could do is shut up and pay attention."

"… when I lower my hand," Phil continued loudly, staring at Stefan pointedly. Alaric saw Damon's smirk. He felt his lips twitch in shared amusement and ruthlessly stomped on his desire to grin. He liked Stefan, he really did, but there was no question he could use some loosening up. Elena frowned on Stefan's other side, focussed firmly on Phil's continuing monologue and pointedly ignoring the whispers.


The shout startled Alaric out of his reverie, and he reflexively started forward, running towards their knapsacks. He still couldn't believe he was doing this.

"I still can’t believe I am doing this." He slung the heavy bag over his shoulder, glad for all the running he'd been doing lately in preparation for the inevitable vampire apocalypse. He was pretty sure that a healthy cardio system would be a useful trait. He'd never imagined, in his wildest dreams, that it would be put to use in quite this way though.

"You love it," Damon shot him a grin as he picked up his matching knapsack with a fake grunt of effort that had Alaric rolling his eyes. "Now hurry up. I want to beat Stefan to the airport."

Alaric craned to read over Damon's shoulder. "Where're we going first?"

"Rome!" Elena's squeal had them both turning.

"Rome," Damon echoed, handing Alaric the clue before giving him a shove towards their car. Alaric went, thinking about the expression that had flitted across Damon's face at Elena's excitement. Smugness, and something else Alaric wasn't prepared to name.

"Rome," he said instead. "Cool."

"You want me to what?" Alaric was pretty sure his hearing was going, because there was no way he'd actually just heard what he thought he'd heard.

"Come with me on the Amazing Race." Damon leaned over and stole a strawberry off his plate, popping it into his mouth with a grin.

So, he had heard him correctly. Alaric leaned back, watching Damon steadily. "Why?"

"Because I need a partner." Damon shrugged and mirrored him, slouching in his seat.

"What about Stefan?"

Damon rolled his eyes. "He's going with Elena," he said. "Well, once I talk him into it."

"Wait a minute," Alaric coughed. "You have two teams entered? How did you do that? You'd need to compell, like, forty people."

"Or," Damon tapped the table, "just the one who manages the database of entrants and contestants."

Alaric closed his eyes. "No," he said decisively. "No, I will not go on the Amazing Race with you."

"Cool," Damon replied, rising gracefully and sliding his sunglasses into place. "We leave Sunday."

Stefan couldn't help but smile at the rapture in Elena's voice. "Rome?" he echoed. "Excellent."

Elena slipped on her knapsack, her grin sliding into a grimace as she caught sight of Damon pushing Alaric towards the car. "Remind me again why we're doing this?"

Stefan shot a quick glance at the cameras filming their every word. "Because it's going to be fun!" He said firmly. "Give you an outlet for that competitive streak I know is under there."

Elena followed his meaningful look. "Right!" she chirped back, eyes promising payback later. "Then we'd better get going! The Pretty Boys are already ahead." Stefan bit back a grin as he saw that Damon and Alaric had indeed already reached the cars. "I wonder," Elena continued loudly for the benefit of the cameras, "if anyone else has figured out yet that they're gay?"

Damon tossed a pile of paperwork onto the table. The thud was impressively loud, and the papers slid across the textbook Stefan had open, obscuring his view. He looked up with a sigh. "What is it?"

"History homework, Stefan? Really?" Damon lifted the textbook, scanning the front with a crooked grin. "Didn't you help write this one?"

"Alaric doesn't give assignments from the parts that are mine," Stefan admitted grudingly, stretching. "I think he thinks it's cheating or something if I already know the material."

"That must make it a challenge." Damon set the book on the counter behind him. "My respect for the teacher grows by leaps and bounds."

Stefan picked up a couple of the papers littering the table, glancing through them idly. He blinked in shock. "Damon," he started.

"Stefan," Damon mocked him, mischief dancing in his eyes.

"The Amazing Race?" Stefan tried to inject all his disbelief into his voice.

"I told you we should do it."

Stefan looked back down at the papers in his hand helplessly. "I never thought you were serious."

"As a heart attack." Damon dramatically slammed his hand against his chest.

"No." Stefan tossed the papers back onto the table, leaning back and crossing his arms.

Damon stared at him assessingly, then shrugged and pulled himself upright. "Ok," he said. "I'm going anyway. I just thought you might want to come along, have some fun." He paused, "Keep an eye on me." He strode towards the door.
"Wait, what? You're going anyway?"

"My partner is the teacher." Damon threw the words carelessly over his shoulder. "I think it'll be great. Just think, with all those teams. It's like travelling with an all you can eat buffet!"

"Oh God." Stefan closed his eyes. "I just … I don't even know what to say."

"You better let Elena know we're going," Damon turned at the door to smirk at him. "I doubt she'd believe it coming from me." He left, mockingly whistling the theme song over his shoulder.

"I hate you," Stefan said, loud enough for Damon to hear. "So much."

To be continued...

Part Two - Atlanta

Tags: amazing race fic, c: vampdi fic, untitled, wip
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