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FanExpo this weekend!

This weekend is Fan Expo, which is Toronto's largest and best-attended fan event of the year. It includes Anime Expo, Horror Expo, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Expo, Comic Expo, and Gaming Expo all together under one roof. I've been going for the past several years, and I can honestly say that it's the best event I've attended. Usually a bit weak on organization, especially around getting people in and out of the Q&A rooms, but overall great fun. Two years ago I got to meet (for real, not just look at) Buzz Aldrin - which was a highlight of my life so far. Aaron Douglas tends to come every year, to at a minimum cruise the floor and chat with fans. Two years ago I ran into Kate Hewlett (again, literally - I almost plowed the poor woman over) and we chatted about how devastating the cancellation news was with SGA. The authors and artists who attend are amazingly fun, and easily 70% of the 60K people who show up cosplay too.

Who knows what I'll see this year!
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