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I just became aware of the upcoming changes to profiles here that will eliminate the option of "unspecified" for a user's sex.

There are plenty of folks who are upset because choosing a sex can be a difficult thing, especially in a world where the idea of gender is greater than the set of chomosomes one is born with. Those people are doing an excellent job of stating the argument and certainly do it better than I could.

For myself, quite apart from whether or not it makes sense to demand that someone choose a sex to identify themselves with at all, there is also an issue here of basic invasion of privacy. Frankly, it's none of LJ's *business* which sex I am.

I provided LJ the following feedback, at this link: LJ Feedback

Hi guys

Just learned about the removal of the unspecified option for sex on account creation.

I know there is a lot of kerfuffle based on alternate genders etc. Personally, I object for the straightforward reason that Livejournal has no right to know anything personal about me. In fact, in Canada, you are not permitted by law to ask, and not provide the person the option of opting out of replying.

I know there have been several small steps towards this type of thing over the last while, but the shift towards making an invasion of my privacy *mandatory* is unacceptable.

I would very much appreciate a response to indicate that you received this feedback and understood the message.

Thank you.



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Dec. 15th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
Frankly, it's none of LJ's *business* which sex I am.

WORD liek woah. Because, like you, I don't care that I have to choose one, it's that I have to choose and tell them about it that bugs me.
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