skinscript (skinscript) wrote,


30353 / 40000 words. 76% done!

Another rough day. I'm right about at that part of the story where I start saying "this whole thing is crap. What was I thinking!?" but since I sure don't have time to start something new, I guess this is what I'll be going ahead with. I'm kind of unhappy with the writing; lots of very repetitive phrasing which I hate, but overall I'm pretty pleased with 30K words in 10 days, especially since I've been full time Mom this whole time and have only been able to write starting at about 10:30-11pm. On the other hand, I've hit a potential plot illogic that, while I can handwave around it or simply not mention it, is the kind of thing that can derail me completely. :(

Anyway, almost there!
Tags: sga bb
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