skinscript (skinscript) wrote,

Supreme Court Rejects DADT suit

CNN Article

This is ... disgraceful.

It's offensive, too.

I just can't understand WHY anyone feels that someone's sexuality is relevant to their ability to be a soldier, or why they feel that it might be disruptive in combat. I really wish I did understand, because then at least I could intelligently argue against it. As it is, I can't process a starting position beyond 'that is stupid' - and that's bad. Because things like this need arguments that will make sense to the policy makers.

Maybe what I am missing is that all of the arguments I see are about the folks who are homosexual, when in fact the problem lies elsewhere. Maybe it isn't that people think that gays don't belong in the military so much as it is that the US military can't handle it. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Americans and their 'free country'. What happened to 'all men are created equal under God'? (Aside - has there been a constitutional challenge to DADT as yet?)

I think the US military could handle it a lot better if they were allowed to TRY.

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