skinscript (skinscript) wrote,

Fic: [SGA] Scenes from a Courtship (R)

Title: Scenes from a Courtship
Author: skinscript
Rating: R (barely)
Pairing: McKay/Keller
Genre: AU
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 5500
Posted at: sg_rarepairings
Summary: Dr. Jennifer Keller had no idea that covering a night shift at her hospital’s ER would bring Dr. Rodney McKay into her life in a most dramatic way… and that her life would never be the same again. (I fail at summaries)
Written for: vicki595
Prompt: Pairing: Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller

It was their big night, and this was not supposed to be happening.

Tags: c: sga fic, f: scenes from a courtship, p: m-k, s: challenges
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