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Insta-Rec! Survival, by CranApplePye

link on AO3: Link on AO3

This is a story that incorporates the Hollows world of Kim Harrison (aka the Rachel Morgan books) and the mystical world of Supernatural. Unlike other crossovers I've read, this one doesn't try and reconcile the two worlds into a single coherent one; the SN world and the Hollows world are clear and distinct.

The story is written from Rachel's PoV as she and Trent are (unwillingly) launched on a journey, struggling to find a way home. They meet the Winchesters along the way, and it's pure poetry.

If you love the way Supernatural can always be trusted to bring the action and the awesomesauce, and the way that Rachel Morgan has never, ever been a damsel in distress, and that Trent Kalamack is one cool customer who has a self-sacrificing streak a mile wide, then you will love this story.

On the more technical side, it's very well written and beautifully balanced. Also, long; it came in at 354 pages on my ereader and it's worth every second.

-- Inf


White Collar, a Word Please...

First of all, I love White Collar. It's a great show with a fantastic cast and good storytelling, and I count it among my top five all time favourites.

That being said, I have an issue. It's an issue that I (now) see with many shows, but I actually care about White Collar and that is why it bothers me so much with it in particular.

A discussion of White Collar and the subtle bias against women. Note: once you read this you may not be able to unsee as I can't, so consider before hitting Expand. Not a rant, just a discussion. Spoilers for Season Four.Collapse )

Comparing Apples and Bullets

From: Shit my Students Write:

"Apples and bullets

Comparing Hardy’s “The Dead Man Walking” to a modern entity such as AMC’s The Walking Dead is like comparing apples and bullets. Yeah, they are both killer, but one is about zombies and the other is about a guy with emotional problems. The Walking Dead involves shooting the undead in the head. ”The Dead Man Walking” involves eating apple dessert while mourning a loss. See, apples and bullets."


Actually, kind of brilliant. :)

Fannish Friday 5

5 first fictional characters you had a crush on.

1. Bo Duke
2. Thomas Magnum
3. Beau Brady
4. Jim Frayne (Trixie Belden)
5. Han Solo


This is an excellent analysis. I'd never been able to entirely put my finger on why, while I loved the Irene Adler versions I'd seen, I just could not integrate those with the ones from the short story.


Chris Kluwe: Awesomesauce

I know I haven't posted in forever (sorry!) but this was just too fantastic to not share.

Chris Kluwe's Open Letter, explaining that gay marriage will not turn you into a cockmonster

So funny and so awesome.

(yes, I realise this is probably old news for most of anyone who reads this, but still. SO AWESOME!)

Can't Unsee


Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams?

Totally Fred and Barney. Only skinny.


So - I'm watching the movie "Frozen".

SpoilersCollapse )

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